ROOF TILING We can take on any size of tiling job whether it is hand made clay tiles or machine made, for repairs, refurbishments, to small houses or extensions upwards, having great experience of all of the above


ROOF SLATING Merlin truline Roofing are highly experienced in the refurbishment and maintenance of slate roofs, gained from years of understanding and using natural slate and best practice for slate installation. For a more traditional look, natural slate can be used on your roof, whilst reclaimed slate can be used to blend seamlessly on period and older properties


LEADWORKS Not only do we have a vastly experienced and qualified lead work team, but we are affiliated to the Association of Lead Contractors. We expanded our operation back in 1990 to include Lead works. All lead features can be detailed from simple flat lead roofs to more complex designs. Over time, lead work and flashings can deteriorate, allowing water ingress. The remedy is to remove existing lead and replace it with new appropriately coded lead, re-pointing and re-tiling as required.


FLAT ROOFING We are able to offer a selection of flat roofing options ranging from the traditional hot bitumen sealed felt with mineral chipping's, to the newer more advanced Firestone flat roofing system. This system uses a custom cut piece of specially developed rubber (EPDM) which is glued to the decking and sealed with edger strips reducing the risk of leaks. Firestone give a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee on roofs installed using their system by qualified approved fitters. Our experience and quality in this area is second to none, and as a company we have been offering this service for over 18 years.


METAL DECKING can compromise of Steel or Aluminium - and is designed for pitched, flat, or arched construction on virtually all types of buildings. Roof deck is popular because it is strong, lightweight and economical.


GUTTERING is crucial to the wellbeing of houses in general, as it should efficiently channel rain water from the roof towards a downpipe which in turn carries it down to ground level and then into the drainage system